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Manta Divers April, 2014 Tropical adventures for 2015

Greetings Divers!

Though I am preparing to leave on my spring dive trip to Utila, Honduras, I am finding myself day dreaming about the tropical adventures we have planned for 2015.

Manta Divers preparing for shore dive in BonaireJanuary 17-24, 2015, we are heading back to Bonaire. Once this destination was decided upon for the January trip, I started to look at my map of Bonaire dive sites, and, working from dive logs from previous trip to Bonaire, I decided to mark off the ones I’ve been to. I figured I must have dived the majority of them, but boy, was I wrong!  I plan to try to make dives at as many sites that are new to me as I can this trip in a quest to dive them all!

I like this spot in January because unlike places such as the Bahamas or Puerto Rico at that time of year, the weather is reliably warm, as is the ocean water.  If you travel with a non-diver, this is a good island to visit because there are lots of activities on land and most every dive site is also a great spot for snorkeling.  Bonaire is unique as islands go because the reef starts virtually at the shore, so divers and snorkelers never have a long swim to locate interesting marine life. Though our package for this trip includes 6 boat dives, we will mainly be doing land based dives to take full advantage of all that this diver’s paradise has to offer.  

livaboardIn April, we’re doing something we’ve never done before: spend a week on a boat in the Caribbean!  We will take the Caribbean Explorer II to St. Kitts and Saba and dive up to five times per day! This boat can comfortably accommodate 18 passengers and the crew.  Manta Divers has reserved all the upper deck cabins and 2 lower deck cabins each with A/C and a private bath and shower. Saba and St Kitts are both islands that we have wanted to plan dive trips to, so we are particularly excited to dive both in one trip.  For a better idea of how great this trip will be, check this trip report from Octopus Magazine.

Spots on the liveaboard are very limited. In fact as of this writing, 7 of our 12 spots were spoken for.  For first dibs on your choice of cabin, be sure to get your deposit in soon.  Half the total is due August 1.

In Other News……………..

There is still time to get in on Rescue Diver class this spring.  Rescue Diver classroom sessions are scheduled for May 13 & 14 at 6:30pm at the shop.  Open water skills development will take place at Pearl Lake June 7, starting at 8am.  Open water scenario challenge and certification is scheduled for June 15, also at Pearl Lake. Pick up your manual and start your learning today!

Plan to help remove invasive Eurasian Water Milfoil with Manta Divers and the Nature Conservancy June 14 at Lake Lulu in Mukwanago.  Manta Divers is supplying tanks.  You bring your dive gear and pick “weeds” with us.  We are also bringing the gas grill, so bring what you like to grill for sustenance during the day!

If you need to schedule your Open Water dives, are interested in Advanced Open Water certification or any specialty certifications, check the calendar and reserve your instructor.

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