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Manta Divers March, 2014 Summer and Winter

Greetings Divers!

In spite of the persistence of winter, February was a busy month at the shop, with the ever popular Equipment specialist course and our sold out Buoyancy Clinic.  I think all participants of these courses came away with many pearls of wisdom to enrich their diving experience. The highlight for me though was the summer planning meeting.

I received several e-mails from divers who could not attend, so with those suggestions and the brainstorming of the group that met at the shop on February 8, I think we’ve come up with a pretty good schedule for the coming months.  This year, we’ve added a chartered trip out to the big lake to dive the Dredge no. 9 and the Prins Willem.  We will be taking the boat Mai Tai from the McKinley Marina.

I was pushing to return to Ohio and repeat the great journey and dives we had last year, but the group decided thatManta Divers Road trip they wanted a new adventure.  After some discussion, we agreed that Team Manta’s July road trip will be to Metropolis, IL to dive at Mermet Springs. Mermet Springs is an 8.5 acre spring fed quarry featuring a long list of underwater attractions, such as ski boats, a fire truck and a Boeing 727.  While exploring the quarry, divers can see schooling American Paddlefish as well as the usual freshwater inhabitants. We have a pavilion reserved and will be looking forward to cooking out and having fun. There are camping spots, both primitive and those with electrical hook ups, available for those of you who like that sort of thing.  The rest of us will stay at a local hotel. (Call the shop for the info on that.) We are leaving early July 18, diving July 20 & 21, then driving home on the 22nd.

We also have a new anchor to search for in Butternut Lake in Northern Wisconsin. This adventure is scheduled for August 22- 25. We will again stay at the Little Pine Motel in Hiles.  I have reserved several rooms.  Call for availability. 

Other than that, we have several one and two day outings on the calendar.  Check them out and make some plans for diving fun this summer.

In Other News……….

The conclave was convened and white smoke was seen coming from the dive shop. That means, of course, that we have settled on the tropical destinations for 2015.  January 17-24, 2015 we are heading to Bonaire for boat and shore diving, and April 5-12 we will be on The Caribbean Explorer II diving St. Kitts, St. Eustatius and Saba. Either trip will get participants the maximum amount of diving possible.  The liveaboard has a very limited number of cabins, and the best spots will go fast, so divers interested in this one will need to get those deposits in early. Check out the dive adventures page for details.

Congratulations to Rosie Herrera and Ken Welch on their Equipment Specialist certifications.

All indications are that this prolonged, harsh winter will mean cold waters well into the summer. That has many of you thinking seriously about getting into drysuit diving.  Stop in next week and check out the Bare drysuit line and find out about the special pricing for Spring!

Has it been two years of more since your CPR certification?  Are you planning to take rescue diver this summer?  Be sure to sign up for the Emergency First Response Course, April 1 & 3 at 6:30pm at the shop.  This course will include O2 and AED use. It is open to non-divers as well. Don’t be stuck watching in horror as a loved one or friend needs help. Learn first aid and the best way to respond to emergencies.

Rescue Diver course May 20 & 22, classroom sessions, June 7 & 8 skills and scenario practice at Pearl Lake.



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