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Manta Divers February, 2014 Back from Curacao

Greetings Divers!

As you know, Team Manta recently escaped the polar vortex and headed to Curacao where we enjoyed theManta Divers in Curacao hospitality of Lions Dive Resort and the dive expertise of Ocean Encounters.  We are happy to announce that we returned with four new certified divers. Congratulations to Sue Bailey, Annette Balestreri, Bryan Miller and David Dunton. The internet there was a little spotty, so I did not have the opportunity to post too many photos of our adventure, but you can get the whole story on our trip report page.  (This is where those of you who were stuck at home rush into the shop and put a deposit down on a trip in 2015.)

Coming up this month, we have a the Equipment Specialty Course, Februrary 4 & 5, at 6:30pm at the shop.  This course is for anyone who owns equipment or who is planning to purchase dive equipment. Mike is the instructor for this one and he will go over how the regulator works, what he looks for during tank inspections, and how to make some minor repairs to dive gear.  Never sit out a dive because of equipment failure.  Learn to help yourself!

Divers who want to improve their air consumption,take better photos underwater, or are simply jonesing for someHover effortlessly bubble blowing time will want to sign up for the Buoyancy Clinic.  We will hold an informal classroom session on February 22, 10-noon at the shop and a pool session and technique practice February 23 at 9am at the Rec Plex.

Finally, Get in your two cents worth on dive events this coming summer.  February 8 at 3pm, interested divers are meeting to float ideas and pitch plans for summer 2014 dive trips!  Did you miss the Ohio trip? Are you interested in diving Lake Michigan?  Let us know and we will see what we can arrange.

In Other News...........

We have some great dive gear packages available. Divers who invest in gear dive more often and are ultimately safer divers. Get ready for your next trip with your own gear! 

If you are not in the market for new dive gear, we have plenty of gently used and recently rebuilt gear for sale, and bargain pricing on all in stock wetsuits and selected boots.

 To view a video about our Curacao trip, click here.

 If you would like to look at our night dive, click here.

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