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Manta Divers January, 2014 Happy New Year!

Greetings Divers and Welcome to 2014!

First of all, Mike and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers.  Thanks for your business and continued support of our local business.  I sincerely hope that the personal attention, expert advice, and help in making your purchases here has been worth the couple of extra dollars that you may have spent with us compared to advertised online prices.

Second of all, Let’s talk diving! I always say that the safest divers are the ones who dive the most and that is whyTeam Manta at Gilboa Manta Divers plans many diving events throughout the local season.  I am working on the summer schedule, but would be interested in hearing where you would like to dive.  Door County? Lake Michigan? Northern Wisconsin? Ohio?  Do you want to do more road trips, or do you prefer day trips? Please come to an informal scheduling meeting here at the shop Saturday, February 8 at 3pm.  This will be your chance to make suggestions and make sure your favorite dive outing is on the schedule and on a day that you can attend.  If you can’t make the meeting, please feel free to shoot me an email with your suggestions.

Lastly, start squirrelling away money for the next Team Manta tropical dive adventure!  Yes, I am aware that we are buried in snow right now, but imagine yourself next year at this time, all packed to head to some warm spot in the ocean!  These trips may be more than a year off, but if you put away only $50 a week in your diving fund, after 52 weeks, you would have $2600 saved, doubtless the lion’s share of the trip cost, if not enough with a little left over.

In Other News…………

Come help us plan the upcoming summer's dive trips at the shop 3pm February 8. 

Reserve your spot in the February 22-23 Buoyancy Clinic. This is a fun review of buoyancy principles and a chance to learn some advanced techniques.  This course is great for new divers who want to learn more or improve on their skills, as well for seasoned divers who want to practice with a new camera, sharpen skills, or just get wet.

If you’ve always wanted to know how a regulator works, would like to learn more ways to care for your equipment and want to know how to make minor repairs to scuba gear, the Equipment Specialist Course is for you! Manta Divers’ chief technician, Mike, will pack a lot of information into the two nights in the classroom, February 4 & 5.

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