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Manta Divers December, 2013 Diver's Wishlist

Greetings Divers!

  Whew this year certainly flew by!  It is that time of year again and we busy ourselves with holiday preparations and gift shopping. Finding the perfect gift for the diver on your list is easy, though.  Here are several gift suggestion for every budget!

$5-10:                                                                        Suunto deal

  • Wetsuit or BC Cleaners
  • Mirazyme De-funkafier
  • UV Tech to protect gear from Sun damage.
  • Defog
  • Silicone grease
  • Hose Wrap (Pimp your Reg!)


  • Fold up Snorkel
  • Inflatable signaling tube, a must have safety item for all divers.
  • Reg Bag.  Protect your most valuable dive item.
  • Gear Hangers
  • The Complete Diver.  This is a collection of fast-read articles with great information for divers of all experience levels
  • UW Slate with eraser
  • Flashlight, Mini Q 40.  Perfect for day time and for a night diving back-up light.


  • Dive knife
  • Dive skin: Adds warmth and makes it oh so easy to don the wetsuit!
  • Rash Guard shirts: Sun protection, adds warmth and a bit of floatation.
  • Neoprene dive vests: Lends added warmth in the torso, and great for snorkelers.
  • Encyclopedia of Diving: Must have reference book for serious divers.
  • Super Q rechargeable dive/video light.
  • Water proof iPhone case (Good to 99ft.)


  • Advanced Open Water course
  • New Fins!  Time to upgrade those old paddles for something new!
  • New (or back up) Mask
  • Specialty courses! Nitrox, Deep Diver, UW navigator, to name a few…
  • BC’s.  Zeagle and Aqualung are offering deals that include a free OctoZ or Airsource with a BC purchase.  This translates into a $150 savings!
  • Wetsuit:  Bare is adding a FREE Elastek hood with a wetsuit purchase.
  • Travel bag.  Stahlsac is offering a FREE reg bag with the purchase of selected classic wheeled travel bags.
  • Zoop dive computer: Available in a console with pressure gauge, or as a wrist mounted unit.


  • Dive computer: Suunto dive computers are available with a FREE pressure transmitter, a $450 value!
  • Atomic Cobalt dive computer. You know you want one!  Lighted display, rechargeable, detachable from high pressure hose for travel, covers available to coordinate with your gear!
  • Drysuit: Bare is giving a FREE undergarment, up to $450 value with the purchase of selected drysuits.

Don’t forget, we also sell gift certificates!

In Other News………………

This month is the Last Chance to get in on the Utila trip.  Don't miss the chance to swim with the earth's largest fish! Call the shop for details.

Brush up your scuba skills before your winter vacation.  Call the shop to schedule a Scuba Review!  Many dates are available.

Ever wonder how your regulator works?  Would you like to learn to make minor repairs to your wetsuit or other gear?  Take the Equipment specialist course.  Feb. 4 & 5, at 6:30pm.

Back by popular demand, Manta Divers is again offering the fun filled Buoyancy Clinic.  This Clinic includes a short classroom session to discuss proper weighting, optimal streamlining and visualization techniques for the best buoyancy and a pol session during which participants use their new skills while playing buoyancy games.  Classroom session Feb. 22 at 10 am, Pool 9am.


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