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Manta Divers July, 2013 Summer Fun!

Greetings Divers!

diveinThe local dive season is in full swing, with the weather cooperating and already several (former) students launched into the diving world.  It is truly wonderful to be diving in our own back yard once again.

We will be leaving for out road trip to Ohio soon and are looking forward to seeing what new adventures are in store for us.  One thing that diving has over many other sports is the sheer number of different experiences a participant can have by diving in new places, with new people, with a new focus in mind.  While it may be a little difficult to get away for an entire weekend to dive, especially if the people in your life are not divers, trekking out a bit beyond your neighborhood certainly has its rewards.

Our Ohio adventure will take us to 2 quarries in the Toledo area, Gilboa and Whitestar.  Both are pretty famous to freshwater divers and look like wonderful venues for teaching and being taught.  This trip is also reconnaissance for future trips that may include wreck diving in Lake Erie.  I hear Erie’s water is much warmer than Lake Michigan and the wrecks better suited to newer divers—something to cut your teeth on before doing the Wisconsin, or any of our lake’s deeper wrecks. The Manta trailer will be loaded soon and off we will go. There is still time to join the caravan!

After our July 21 Pearl Lake dive, and our July 27-28 Haigh Quarry trip, we will be on the road again to Wazee Lake in Black River Falls.  I hope you read the blog about Wazee, but if you didn’t follow this link: www.mantadiveshop.blogspot.com We were not able to dive Wazee last year due to some water issues they were having around the time we had scheduled our dives there, so we wanted to make a point of getting a weekend in for 2013!

Our last big road trip, August 16-18, will be to far northern Wisconsin.  We still have not scratched the surface of the clear lakes up there.  This time we hope to do a little boat (pontoon) diving and look for remnants of ice houses. In any case, it will be an adventure.

We will round out our season with some weekends a bit closer to home, and of course, our annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving weekend at Haigh, October 5 & 6.  Keep checking the calendar page for updates and added events.  Hope you can join us! We're more fun than regular people!

In Other News………………

There are still spots left for both Curacao, January 11-18, 2014, and Utila, April 19-26, 2014.  Check the web page for details.  You know you will be sooo sick of the cold and snow in January and the cold and rain in April, so plan your escape with us!

If you are interested in Rescue Diver class, we are planning the in water training for September 14-15 at Haigh Quarry.  This leave plenty of time to finish the classroom or online course work and get your EFR certification done.  Call the shop to arrange dates and sign up!

Congratulations to Jacek Gorzowski, Bo Bojczuk, Dan Bojczuk, Jonothan Roth, and Matt Wozniak on their recent open water certifications.

Congratulations to Sarah Barrett and Gabe Hatchett on braving the “9th circle of hell” in Pearl Lake to earn their advanced open water certifications!


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