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Manta Divers June 2013 Getting Ready to Dive Locally

Greetings Divers!

I know it is hard to think about diving when the weather just will not cooperate, but the local season is upon us.  In fact, some of our favorite spots have been open for weeks.  Since my last open water dives were in fact open ocean dives, I found myself shifting gears and prepping for fresh, cool water diving.

Getting ready to diveI had to begin the process by prepping all my gear for local diving. I took my drysuit out of storage and gave it the once over, and then verified that I still had the warm socks I wear under my boots (and they were not stinky!), and that my “under the drygloves” gloves were still in my bag and intact. To cover all my bases, I took out my 7mm wetsuit and cold water booties and packed them for a back-up.  I find you can never be too prepared.

My regulator was just serviced, and I use it regularly in the pool, so that should be ok though I needed to add my drysuit inflator hose to my regulator. (Lucky for me I am friends with our reg technician and can get this done cheap!). Next on my list is my open water BC.  It was last used at the beginning of April in saltwater, so I needed to make sure I had thoroughly rinsed it after that last use and that it was functioning properly with no salt crud accumulated anywhere. I hooked it up to a tank and inflated and deflated it several times and inspected it for leaks.  Though my fins and mask are regularly used, as a matter of habit, I checked the straps for signs of stress and wear.  Finally, I grabbed my dive log, checked that I had enough blank pages to get through the weekend, and double checked that my C-cards were in there since no card means no dive!!

Now on to supplies.  I loaded the cooler with plenty of water and filled my Klean Kanteen with fresh herbal sun tea. fun day diving Mikeand I like to have plenty of lunch meat, fruit and veggies to fuel us 

In addition to these supplies, gear and tanks, we threw in some chairs, tarps to set our gear up on, and our save a dive kit.while diving, so we through in plenty of those to munch on during the day.

Of course, as the season progresses, all of this loading and prep becomes routine, but for those first couple of outings, it is good to step back and gather everything in an organized methodical way.  That way I know I’m all set and have no worries. 

Whew!  It sure is good to get back into the water!


In other News………..

If you need to schedule open water check out dives, advanced open water dives, or would like to complete any specialty certifications this summer, be sure to get your reservations in early.  It is first come, first served for gear and spots.


Looking for a something new?  Join Team Manta on any of our planned road trips.  “Noobies” are welcome on any outing, of course.  This is your chance to learn the ropes while exploring some of the great freshwater dive sites in our area. In some of the more remote areas, hotels fill up quickly, so don’t wait too long to decide.


All you ladies out there!  I have some screamin’ deals on “girls only” BCs, both new and pre-owned.  In addition, I’ll throw in any clearance wetsuit with the purchase of a new BC.

Read the musings of Team Manta members in our BLOG!

Finally, don’t be (literally) left out in the cold in 2014. Drop off your deposit for Team Manta’s Curacao and Utila trips.  Spots are going fast.  Remember even non-divers enjoy that island life and would enjoy getting away.  Call the shop for non-diver rates.

 Check out this video from just one of the dives we enjoyed in April, 2013.



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