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Manta Divers September 2006


            Do you remember the old TV show Kung Fu?  David Carradine plays Caine, a Shoalin priest who often reflects on the wisdom imparted to him by his teacher, Master Po.  In one episode, Caine asks, “What is the greatest obligation that we have?”  Master Po responds, “To live, Grasshopper, to live!”  So simple, yet so deep!  We only have a bit of time on the earth and we can exploit it or squander it.

One student Mike and I recently certified is 70 yrs. old.  He told us he travels a lot and always wanted to learn to dive, so when the class we donated to Women’s Horizons came up for bid at their annual fund raiser, he bid on it.  Now here’s a guy who could have many ready excuses for not doing the things he’s always been interested in, yet, he spent the money to win the bid.  He could have never “found time” to attend the class, but certificate in hand; he came to Kenosha, checked the schedule and signed up for the class.  He could have yielded to minor scheduling conflicts, but he made each class.  He didn’t even allow a minor ear problem to deter him from his goal.  Yes, here is a shaker and a mover!  I am truly inspired.

I guess when it comes down to it, the only thing stopping us from accomplishing our heart’s desire is ourselves!  It is up to each of us to stop making excuses and live, live, live!




There are still spots left for the Bonaire trip, January 20-27. The cost is $1675 per diver, $1455 per nondiver.  A $500 deposit holds your reservation and the balance is due Nov.1.  The package includes airfare, quad room (each room has its own bathroom and can be two beds or one bed per room) with vehicle, daily breakfast, daily boat dive and unlimited shore diving on Bonaire’s world renowned reef.  Nitrox is available for an additional fee.  This could be your chance to complete your open water training in the beautiful Caribbean, or a great time to get your advanced open water certification! Imagine! We will be spending a week in the shore diving capital of the world when the rest of Wisconsin is in the dark, cold grip of January! 

Don't forget we are also offering a $60 break on the price of the Advanced open water class for those going to Bonaire with us.


Watch the web calendar for last chance local dive excursions.  We have a lot of students to take on check out dives, and will post dates and times so you can tag along for a last hurrah for this local dive season.



            I was as shocked as any one to hear of the untimely death of Steve Irwin.  It is so ironic that someone who has taken so many risks with so many dangerous animals would be done in by a nervous stingray who was simply trying to protect himself!  If any consolation can be found in this, though, it is that Steve Irwin truly made very day of his short life count.  We send our condolences and thoughts to his wife, their kids and his whole family!

Check on "Classes" then click the link to see the newly certified Manta Divers!!

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