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Manta Divers, May, 2013 Summer Diving Schedule

Greetings Divers!

Well it is that time of year, and rest assured we will have some sunny warm weather in our futures, so pull out your calendars and make some dive dates with Team Manta.  I want to invite, in particular, you new divers out there.  Don’t worry if you do not have a dive buddy.  You may find someone in the same boat as you when you arrive at the site and you can buddy up with him, and if not, a third person can easily be added to a dive team if needed.

This year I am particularly excited to have the Ohio road trip on the schedule.  We will be diving three different quarries inGear setup for diving the Toledo area.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about these quarries, so it is time to check them out for ourselves.  We also have a trip to Lake Wazee planned.  I scheduled it away from 4th of July so as to decrease any chance the lake will be closed.  Rounding out our more distant dive destinations, we are again returning to Oneida County to dive their nearly gin clear lakes and play with the crawdads and bass. 

We of course will be diving the more familiar Pearl Lake in South Beloit and Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, IL.  Some of these are day trips, and some are over nights.  I personally cannot wait to see what new things have been added to the already extensive selection of underwater sights!

Veterans of Team Manta excursions know that we are a welcoming group and there are plenty of laughs.  We really are more fun than regular people!  Our season kicks off June 2 at Haigh Quarry, so come and get wet!  Students wanting to complete open water or advanced open water dives are encouraged to sign up early with your dive instructor.   Call the shop for carpooling information and names and numbers of hotels. 

Dive Adventures for summer 2013

June 2              Haigh Quarry

June 6              Pearl Lake

June 28            Haigh Quarry

July 6               Pearl Lake

July 12-15       Ohio Trip  Gilboa, Portage and White Star Quarries

July 21             Pearl Lake

July 27-28       Haigh Quarry

Aug 2-4           Lake Wazee

Aug 17-17       Three Lakes

Aug 24            Pearl Lake

Sept. 14-15      Haigh Quarry



In Other News……….

Mark your calendars for May 29th and BARE Drysuit Night.  This is your chance to learn about drysuit diving and to look at a closely examine the BARE line of suits.  Drysuit diving is a great way to extend your local diving season.  A PADI or SDI Drysuit Diver Specialty course ($119 value) will be included with any drysuit purchased that night.

Is your first aid training more than 2 years old?  Are you thinking of taking Rescue Diver?  Do you just want to learn what to do in an emergency?  Emergency First Response Class is for you!  Join us May 28 and 29 for this fun and challenging course.

 Don't wait to sign up for Team Manta's Tropical Adventures for 2014! There are limited spots and once they're gone you'll be high and dry!  Join us in Curacao Jan 11-18, and/or Utila Honduras April 19-26.  See the website for details.

Congratulations to Eric Bates, Scott Duban and Patrick Gazarkiewicz on earning their PADI Deep Diver Specialty certifications!  Great job!


Don’t miss the next Manta Diver’s blog.  Our divemaster candidate, Tater, shares his thoughts as he journeys from recreational diver to professional divemaster. In addition, our weekly installments will cover topics such as dive safety, trip stories, gear exploration and much more.  Go to www.mantadiveshop.blogspot.com 


We are looking for guest bloggers, so if you have a dive story to tell, or a review of a dive destination, or you want to share your personal dive story, submit a blog and if we publish it, you can win a free Manta Divers T-shirt!



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