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Manta Divers, January, 2013 Editing Your Video


Greetings divers!

            Have you ever returned from a fantastic diving trip, tons of photos in hand, and eager to share with your coworkers, only to be disappointed in their reaction?  One could just chalk it up to being a “dive thing” that others do not understand, but it could be that a fantastic diving trip can only be relived in fantastic style!  This is where go editing comes in.  Last month, our newsletter discussed what photos to take, but this month we will explore how to put these photos into an interesting presentation.

giant stride entry, Bonaire            Start by reviewing the photos and videos you took, weeding out any that are redundant or not that great.  Remember that a so-so shot or video clip can be improved with careful cropping.  Go easy on photoshopping colors, lighting and contrast to avoid that artificial, “over-tweaked” look.  Next start organizing the shots into the order you want, keeping in mind the story you wanted to tell.  There are many programs out there for making slide shows or videos, all featuring a sort of storyboard to help organize your media, allowing you to put your presentation together on the fly, but using old fashioned paper and pencil to sketch out the story board also works.

            Once you have a working order for your photos and videos, drop them in your timeline.  Play the video to check how things flow.  Is the order right? Are you making use of the transition scenes and photos?  Are there any redundant scenes?  It is easy to understand what is going on?  This is likely the part of the process that will take the longest time and the most patience!  Sometimes it is necessary or actually preferred to insert text either before or after the shot or on top of the photo itself.  Remember an introduction graphic and credits reel, naming participants, location, music credits, etc.

            After you have your order all set, the titles are edited dive marker, Bonaireand your presentation seems to flow, it is time to add some transitions.  Transitions are devices that help viewers to shift from one photo or video clip to the next.  There are many transition styles, such as “turning page”, “dissolve,” “circle,” are built into presentation software, but beware of the temptation to use them all, or you will distract from your show.  Often the simple “fade” is the best.

            The final step is adding a little music to help set the mood.  If you are planning to post on YouTube, beware of copyright laws.  In other words, do not put popular songs into your video without permission.  Use the music that comes with your software or purchase royalty free music from sites such as JewelBeat.com, but be sure that the music compliments rather than distracts from your presentation.

            So, with a bit of preparation and patience, you can produce a nice video presentation that will never be likened to Aunt Marge’s vacation slide shows.  As with all things worthwhile, though, the key is patience and practice.  Start with a short project, gradually working up to longer and fancier shows.  Who knows? Your next project may even go viral!



In Other News……………

If you are looking for up to date information on what Manta Divers is up to, what is on the horizon, tips and tricks for divers, then subscribe to Manta Divers' blog!

 If you want to learn more about putting together a video, sign up for Manta Divers’ Video Production Course, January 22, 28 and February 4 at 6:30pm.

Looking for a fun way to support your diving habit?  Manta Divers is looking for additional sales and instruction staff.  Enthusiasm, professionalism, people skills and a passion for diving a must!

 If you are looking to hone your diving skills and decrease your air consumption, Join our Peak Performance Buoyancy course January 29 in the classroom, and Feb. 2 at the pool.  A pool only option is available as well for underwater photographers, or Peak Performance graduates who just want to get wet.

Be prepared!  The shop will be closed January 12-20 for our trip to Bonaire. 

 Mike and I sincerely hope that you all had a great holiday and want to say thanks to all of you for your support in 2012.  We are looking forward to many  wonderful, wet adventures with you this year.


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