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Manta Divers, December, 2012 Sharing your underwater adventure

Greetings Divers         

Remember slide shows?  Aunt Marge wants to share photos from her trip to the Dickieville Grotto.  Out come the slide reels, projector and screen.  I can hear her now, “..and you would not believe the whole thing is made from broken dishes!”  Today, with the advent of computers and easy to use presentation making software, it is fairly simple to make a DVD to show on your television or computer, but how do you make it exciting?  How do you avoid producing a higher tech version of Aunt Marge’s vacation travelogue?  The first part of this process entails getting the right shots and video clips.  With a little preparation, careful shot selection and good communication with your dive buddy and fellow travelers, you can be well on your way to making a presentation that will communicate what a wonderful time you had without boring your viewers to tears.

            The first step in producing a vacation video is to decide what story you are going to communicate, for example, “The fun and freedom of shore diving,” or “The family that dives together, thrives together,” then think of what shots will be essential to communicating the theme. 

Next, make a shot list.  This is a guideline of what shots you must get in order to tell the story.  Do research on your Squid and Diver in Bonairedestination to help you plan on the shots you will include that will be “signatures” for your destination, such as the entrance to the resort, the front desk staff who first greet you upon your arrival, the flower that is most common on the island.  It is always nice to see where in the world you went, so search he internet for maps of the country, city and resort you are going to.  Including map shots will help set the stage for your production.  Remember to include some shots that can be used for transitions from one part of the story to the next, such as a shot of the resort as you are leaving for your dives, or shots of divers doing their safety stops after the dives.

Discuss with your buddy the story you are trying to convey, communicating what shots you are hoping to get so he can be involved in setting up shots and looking for opportunities.  Be sure that he is familiar with your hand signals for “Get in close,” "Swim behind the scene.”    In addition, it is essential that you understand his signals for creatures he finds.  Taking the Sea Signs underwater  sign language course with your model/dive buddy makes this process much easier. 

Underwater, it is important to set the stage.  Take a wide shot, then move in closer to your subject, and finally go in for a tight shot or a macro photo.  After you have good photos or video footage of your subject, have your dive buddy get into a few of the shots to add interest as well as size comparison. It goes without saying, of course, that the better your buoyancy is, the better your photos and videos will turn out.  Manta Divers' next Peak Performance Buoyance Course, January 29 at 6:30pm (classroom) and Feb. 2 at 8am (pool) will focus on buoyancy for photographers.Squid in Bonaire

Each day, quickly look through your video footage and photos.  Toss any that do not make the grade and tweak and crop photos that need it.  Carefully organize your work into separate folders for each day and dive site, of possible.  Put a good descriptor on each file to make your editing easier. 

Capturing all the essential moments from your adventure is direct result of careful preplanning and cooperation with others. Put in the work up front and you will have the raw materials to make an interesting presentation.  You will be very thankful you did when it comes time to put is all together in the video you want to share! 

Tune in next month for some editing tips, or sign up for Manta Divers video production course, January 21, 28 and February 4, at 6:30pm.





In other news!


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