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Manta Divers, April, 2012 Drysuit Diving

Greetings Divers!

            Well, the team is back from its latest adventure in Cozumel, MX and we are ready for the local season to start.  If you follow our Manta Divers Facebook page, you probably saw that our staff is all outfitted in the latest Bare drysuits, so in spite of this continuing cool weather, we will be hitting the open water soon.

            Drysuit diving is great, especially for divers in this area because it really extends your diving season.  In addition, it ultimately increases your bottom time on cold water dives since you feel comfortably warm throughout your underwater excursion and it is not necessary to expend energy (and air) trying to keep your body warm. 

            Being a drysuit diver also opens up more diving destinations that have fantastic marine life, but that are in coldDrysuit Power Rangers water, such as the west coast; California, Seattle, Canada, Alaska and the east coast: Maine, the Carolinas, and even Florida in the winter time!  I always say that wetsuit divers should not rule out diving any of the Great Lakes’ wrecks, but diving them in a drysuit will result in much more time to explore!

In order to safely dive in a drysuit it is recommended that you take a drysuit class. Or at the least learn drysuit diving skills under the watchful eye of your dive instructor in the safe confines of a pool before taking to the open water.  A drysuit specialty instructor can let you in a many of the hints and techniques to make your drysuit experience a good one and put you on the fast track to mastering diving dry.

            In order to promote our new partnership with Bare, Manta Divers is hosting a Drysuit Night Tuesday, May 8 at 6:30pm at the shop.  Our Bare rep will be on hand to share his expertise and show you the full range of suits Bare has to offer.  Anyone ordering a suit that night will get 20% off their purchase and a FREE Drysuit Specialty Course, $119 value.  Finally, if that wasn’t enough to motivate you to see what drysuit diving is all about we will also be serving light refreshments!


In other news………….

Congratulations to Advanced Buoyancy divers, Sheryl and Jerry Brandes.  You showed great technique navigating the wreck C-53 and drift diving in Cozumel.


There is still time to Sign up for Emergency First Response and Rescue Diver.  EFR class is May 1 & 3, and SDI Rescue diver is May 12 at 10 am, and PADI Rescue Diver is May 19 at 11am.


Vote for us on WISN’s Alist You know Manta Divers is the best scuba shop (with the best divers) but we need to let everyone else know. 


Like Manta Divers on facebook!  Go to Manta Divers Facebook page, and for the latest on trips and trip videos, visit Team Manta Dive Adventures Facebook .  We’ve posted many videos from our recent trip to Cozumel. 


Finally, our resident videographer and video producer, Liz Boomer, has been hard at work compiling footage from our adventures in Cozumel.  Check it out on YouTube!

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