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Manta Divers February, 2012

Greetings Divers!

    It is really interesting sometimes to reflect on the paths in life that have led us to the place we are now.  I often tell people the story of how Mike and I started diving because our 5 year old decided that he wanted to study at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, or that the search for a garage with a drain in the floor resulted in the opening of Manta Divers.  I’m certain many people have similar stories about seemingly unrelated events or chance meetings lead to a life adventure, new friendships, a career or other event that was not dreamed of.   I’m sure that our new partner, Liz Boomer is no exception.

   That’s right!  I am thrilled to announce that Manta Divers now has a new face and a new partner, who joined our diving family just three years ago, Liz Boomer.  Liz brings with her expertise in marketing and sales, photography and videography.  In addition to her enthusiasm, and most importantly, a sense of humor! 

   Here is Liz’s story:

 Mike, Liz and Lisa If someone would have told me three years ago I would learn to dive, travel to exotic spots to scuba and eventually become a business partner in a dive shop, I would have laughed. It doesn't happen like that. Right?

 I have been taking pictures since I was 15 and remember sitting on the living room floor as a young child looking through copies of National Geographic and imagining myself photographing the sharks, coral reefs and locations they traveled to.  In talking with friends I would muse about how cool it would be to expand my photography to underwater subjects.  However, I never took the next step to get certified.

 Then three years ago I received a "Try Scuba" gift certificate and my time to learn began. I took to scuba like, well, a fish to water.  I immediately signed up for open water class and became certified.  I have been working on my scuba skills and underwater photography and videography ever since, and living the dream I had when I was 15.

 In the course of all my diving, the shop became my second home and I was always pitching marketing ideas to Mike and Lisa.  Finally, they suggested that I become a partner.  Now I get to spend my time at the shop helping others who want to learn to dive and I love assisting them with gear or help with questions or simply encourage them to try. Let's face it, we divers get to see what most people never get to.  I, like Lisa and Mike, want others to see what we do and share our passion for diving. 

 If you should have any questions or need information on gear or classes please feel free to email me at mantadiveshop_liz@yahoo.com or call me at the shop!  


In other news! 

Click here for Our Barbados trip report and Barbados video!

Are you thinking of becoming a Drysuit Diver?  We are happy to announce that Manta Divers has partnered with Bare Sports to offer a full line of drysuits in a full range of prices.  For a limited time, we are offering the PADI drysuit specialty FREE with the purchase of a drysuit.

 There is still time to join Team Manta in Cozumel March 18-25, 2012.    If you have Flyer miles to use, you are free to make your own travel arrangements, or let us set everything up for you. Call the shop for prices and availability.

 Extend your bottom time with Enriched Air.  Learn the advantages and the ease of diving with enriched air and become certified in two evenings, May 2 and 4.  No dives required!!

 May is Rescue diving month!   For those who are not currently Emergency First Response and CPR trained, EFR class is scheduled for May 1 and 3 at the shop at 6:30pm.  Classroom sessions are a choice of either May 12 at 11 am for SDI Rescue Diver, or May 19 at 11am for PADI Rescue Diver.  Open water sessions are TBA, with student input.

 Look for our summer diving schedule next month.  There is still time to give input if there is a particular site or dive you want to see on the schedule.  Email to mantadiveshop@yahoo.com


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