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August, 2011 Strategies for Safe Diving

Greetings Divers!

I hope your summer is allowing you to enjoy some of the great diving the Midwest offers. We recently spent a weekend at Lake Wazee in Black River Falls, WI certifying some new divers and teaching search and recovery to others. The lake was warm, not crowded, and had 25ft. of visibility! I thought I was in the Caribbean! We waited a long time for this heat, but it does require that we take a few precautions to keep ourselves safe!

 The sun certainly feels great especially after the cool and rainy spring we had, but it is important to remembermikeinshade that it still can burn. When you are splashing around in the water, you may not feel the heat on your face, making it easy to overlook sunscreen. Use sunscreen on your face and be sure to reapply it between dives. I once neglected to do this and wound up with a very interesting tan pattern: White where my mask kept the sunscreen dry and a red ring between my mask and hood. During the surface interval, as you stand around discussing the next dive, be sure the tops of your feet and back of your hands are covered.

 Along with the bloom of trees, bushes, grass and flowers comes the surge in flying pest population. If you are allergic to bee stings, don’t think that you are protected by your wetsuit. There are still plenty of spots open for bee stings, so be sure to pack an epipen or other medication that will aid you in case of a reaction. It is a good idea to let other divers in your group where they can find the medication, too, in case you are unable to help yourself. Bug repellant and mosquito coils are a most in many spots, especially

 Finally, stay fueled hydrated! Did you know that 80% of cases of decompression sickness are due to the diver failing to drink enough fluids? Stay away from highly caffeinated beverages that further dehydrate and stick with plain old water. Bring some naturally refreshing snacks such as grapes or orange slices, and some cold cuts, beef jerky or nuts for protein and long lasting energy.

 We all want to get the most out of the summer, but in our enthusiasm, we can easily forget to plan and end up having a less than fun time. Just as you plan your dive, plan your dive weekend!!

In Other News..............

We plan on putting in another tank and weight order, so we are again offering a substantial discount to anyone who orders and pays for their order before August 15, 2011. 80 and 63 cu. ft. tanks are $191.95 Weights are $3.00 per lb.


If you are planning to join us on one of our dive weekends, be sure to sign up and rent your gear ahead of time. Remember that the hotels get booked up this time of year, too so make your reservations early!

jeryWe still have a couple of spots left in our Barbados group, so get your deposits in soon. If January is too soon for you, plan on joining Team Manta in Saba in April. Either of these trips would give you a chance to complete some specialty courses, such as Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Deep Diver, Digital Underwater Photography and many more. In addition, to sweeten the pot, we offer substantial discounts on your course fees when you complete the course on one of Team Manta’s adventure trips.

 Congrats to new Team Manta Open Water Divers: Mike Ebbers, Mike and Brdiger Banco, Lance and Laura Campbell, Kristofer Kainz, Jim Mosley, JoeGoetluck, Boomer Shufelt, and Joey Needle.  Happy Diving All!

Congrats to Team Manta's Search and Recovery Specialitsts: Neil Badham, Jerry Brandes and Andrew Plebanek. Good work!

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