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Manta Divers May 2009




Greetings Divers!


     Spring is in the air and Lake Michigan is already up to 46F, can summer be far behind?  Here at the shop we are basking in the memories of our fantastic trip to Cozumel, (and no, no one got swine flu) and looking forward to our local diving.

     If you got last month’s newsletter, you know that we have many things planned, among them our Lake Michigan Charters.  On July 18 we are heading out to explore the Dredge 906 and the Lumberman.  The Dredge 906 lies in 75 ft of water four miles south east of Milwaukee.   A steel-hulled barge with no propulsion of its own, sunk in 1956 while undertow during a storm.  Nine men lost their lives in the tragedy.  The 110 ft long wreck actually lies upside down, resting on the arms that held the dredge in place while charter2_400working.  Its distance from the surface, therefore, is only 30 ft.   The Dredge’s odd position underwater makes this a very interesting wreck to explore.  The Lumberman was a wooden hull schooner that sunk in a storm and rests in 70 ft of water off Oak Creek.  Interestingly, the schooner did on its own what many who purposely sink wrecks for artificially reefs strive to do, and that is, it came to rest upright.  Her masts actually protruded from the water.  They were declared a hazard to navigation, however and were eventually removed.   The cold fresh Lake Michigan water has kept this wreck in good condition. 

Now perhaps you think that Lake Michigan can only be dove in a drysuit, but you would be wrong.  We have done several Lake Michigan dives in 7mm wetsuits with hoods and gloves and been plenty warm.  If you are reluctant to go 70ft, know that the deck is at 55 ft. and you can certainly explore at that depth and see plenty!  The cost to dive both wrecks is $95, payable when you sign up.  There are only 4 spots left and they are strictly first come first served.  Don’t pass this one up! 

            For those planning to join Team Manta’s other excursions, please sign up in advance, especially if you want to ride in the dive van or rent equipment form us.  Again, this will be first come, first served.



            In Other news………….


Don’t forget that we have fantastic deals on Atomic and Aqualung regulators.  This would be a good time to buy your own scuba set up.  Divers that own their own equipment are safer divers because they tend to dive more often, they are familiar with the equipment they use, and control their own equipment maintenance. 


Attention divers who rage against black gear!  Atomic now has added pink and purple to their finRescue Diver and mask colors.  In addition, Aqualung will soon be shipping their new pink Slingshot fins.  Come in a take a look!  It’s a fact!  Fish prefer a color coordinated diver!*

*Least ways, that’s what I think!


Open water students!  Call the shop to schedule your 4 open water dives.  Don’t let the summer slip away.


Emergency First Response Class, a prerequisite for Rescue Diver, is scheduled for May 26 and 27 at 6:30pm at the shop.  Pick up and read your materials prior to class.



Rescue Diver class will be held June 9 & 10 (if needed) for classroom session, June 14 in the pool.  Pick up and read your materials prior to classroom session.

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