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Manta Divers March 2009

Greetings Divers!

            Hopefully everyone is managing to stay warm and hopeful for spring. While we still have a ways to go until it feels like diving weather in Wisconsin, it is a great time to check out what is new and exciting in dive gear.

            I just got the new Cobra 3 computer in and have been playing with it ever since.  This baby has lots of bells and whistles. The Cobra 3 has the same large display, USB compatible PC-interface and easy to cobra3a_400navigate menu that we loved in the original Cobra, plus a plethora of new features.  Divers will love the super stable electronic compass with a user adjustable time out feature.  In addition, the computer features 2 gas switching and optional deep stops.  Finally, you don’t have to wait until you download your dive on your computer to get a graphic look at your profile because it is displayed right on the screen.  Like the original Cobra, this computer is available with a quick disconnect so divers can pack it separate from the rest of their gear. 

            Atomic has come out with an upgrade to their popular Z2 regulator, the Z2X!  This workhorse has a compact balanced first stage and the patented AFC, automatic flow control.  Most high performance regulators tend to be a bit unstable and manufacturers add diver adjustable knobs to control this.  With AFC, the Atomic regulator actually “tunes itself” as you dive, eliminating the need to fool with any adjustment controls.  The best thing, though, is the addition of the second stage comfort swivel that everyone loves on the Atomic B2 and T2X.  As if that’s not enough, through May, Atomic is offering $50 off and a regulator bag with the purchase of this American made regulator, making it a fantastic value.

            Speaking of regulators, Aqualung is also offering instant rebates of $50 to $100 on all of their regulators.  Remember that Aqualung offers free parts on their warranteed regulators, so on top of the instant rebate, you continue to reap savings with every time you have your reg rebuilt.

  Atomic Splitfins          Ladies, if you have been disappointed with the color selection of dive gear, rejoice because both Atomic and Aqualung have caught on that the well equipped dive goddess wants pink stuff!  Look for masks, fins and snorkels with both pink (and not some wimpy Pepto pink) and purple accents. The new Aquaflex ladies’ wetsuit features a great kelp design on the sleeve and calf.  The suit is available in black and charcoal with pink stitching, or black with aqua side panels.  The new guys’ Aquaflex wetsuit is accented with a subtle shark graphic and is available in black and charcoal with red stitching or black with blue side panels.

            Come in and check out these new products as they arrive!


In Other News…

  If you are planning a dive trip this spring, don’t wait until the last minute to get your gear serviced.


Look for Manta Divers’ summer schedule next month. We have some fun stuff in mind, but if you have any requests for dive excursions, now is the time to speak up.  Call the shop and leave a message or email us at mantadiveshop@yahoo.com.


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