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Happy February

         February is here and we are all anxious for a thaw.  Yes, I know it’s been above freezing for a while now, but do you know what they did with the sun??  February is also the month for love and friendship.  What better time to surprise the diver in your life and finally get certified to dive yourself?  PADI teaches divers to always dive with a buddy, why not take the class with a friend?  You know you’ve always wanted to learn to dive!  In the Valentine spirit, Manta Divers is offering $100 off Open Water class when two or more students sign up together!


     Tip of the month

   How fun would it be to go to Disneyland if you had no one to share it with?  Lacking someone to discuss the exhibits you enjoyed, the rides you went on and the interesting people you saw, I bet you’d get bored pretty fast!  That’s exactly why diving with a buddy enhances the experience so much. We all know it is more fun to dive with a friend, but what makes a really good dive buddy?

     A good dive buddy takes an active part in planning the dive without taking over.  Good buddy teams decide together on a dive objective.  They may plan to briefly explore a wreck lying at 80ft. for example, and then ascend to the reef at 50ft. for the majority of the dive, or they may be more interested in the wreck and opt for a shorter but deeper dive. They also discuss who will lead and who will follow.   Will the buddy be to the left or the right?  Will she be slightly deeper or shallower?  Should one buddy lead on the first part of the dive and follow on the second half? What will be the team’s returning air pressure?  What should they do if they become separated?  They will also get on the same page with their hand signals.

    Once the dive is planned, good buddies help each other don their diving gear, checking that nothing is tangled, all hoses are secured, weight belts are on, no hair is in the mask and double checking air supply.  This is important for the safety of both divers.  Equally as important is that both divers have been actively diving, or have recently attended a scuba tune up.  A good dive buddy keeps himself healthy; exercising regularly, is a non-smoker, and is well rested and hydrated before the dive.

     During the dive, the buddies stay with their partner and dive the agreed upon plan.  They neither cling to their buddy like a remora on a shark, nor do they play hide and seek like a shy mantis shrimp.   A good partner knows where his buddy is at all times.  This not only makes it quicker to get help if one of you needs it, but is also makes it easier to get the buddy’s attention when that spotted eagle ray sails by or when you spot a giant moray eel. 

     Just as navigation and buoyancy are diving skills that require forethought and practice to master, so is being a good buddy!  Commit to honing those buddy skills and see how your enjoyment of the sport increases!  Happy Diving!




  Manta Divers has two Emergency First Response instructors on staff who are qualified to teach adult and child primary care (CPR) and secondary care (first aid), as well as use of the AED (automatic external defibrillator).  This course is not just for rescue diver trainees, but for businesses, babysitters, teachers and anyone who wants know what to do in the case of a medical emergency.  We can even come to you business or school to do the training. 


Monthly Specials:


Complete your open water dives in Cancun March 2-6.  Sign up and place deposit by Feb. 10.  Call the shop for details. (262)654-3483


Save 20% on all underwater flashlights.


Good News Everyone!!
 Manta Divers is pleased to announce reduced pricing on Aqualung Legend regulators!  Now you can own a “muscle reg” (see Scuba diving Magazine, Nov. 2005) at a budget price!

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