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Manta Divers January 2009 Happy New Year

Greetings Divers!

Mike and I wish you all a great 2009 filled with fun, friendship, laughter, and of course, diving.  The old year was miserable in many ways, but I one important way it was good: we had a great response to our local diving trips!

Initially when I made the schedule for the summer, I figured it would be make it easier for students dsc_0114to plan for their open water check out dives.  What I didn’t expect was the number of already certified divers that joined us.  This was a wonderful development.  It was a way for a single diver to find a buddy to dive with, a chance for a newer diver to get some experience with their instructor nearby, and of course, a fun and different way to spend a day!  Another popular offering was our overnights that included night diving. Again, I assumed that only divers working on their advanced certification would be interested, but it turned out to be popular with all our divers.  Just as night diving is a blast in the Caribbean; it adds a new dimension to local diving as well. 

            Many divers completed additional certifications, such as “Boat Diver”, “Underwater Digital Photography”, “Peak Performance Buoyancy” and “Rescue Diver”.  There was plenty of time to get the required dives in, especially on the two day trips.

Since most of the trips filled up right away, divers wishing to rent gear had to get their reservations in early. We car pooled and caravanned to our destinations, and enjoyed laughs on our surface intervals.  Most importantly, we formed some really great friendships. 

As I’m sure you’re aware, we are looking forward to our two tropical trips, to Little Cayman and Cozumel, but when we return, we will be looking forward again for the local diving season. Look for postings of our summer schedule for our Wisconsin and Illinois trips for the summer some time in April or May.


ANNOUNCEMENT! The shop will be closed Jan.12 through Jan. 16, 2009.  If you need to get something or rent something for a trip, please plan ahead.



I have joined the cyber world and have a Facebook page.  Feel free to friend me.  More importantly, I a started a Facebook group that is for Midwestern divers: “Team Manta’s Dive Adventures.”  I intend for it to be a place where we can post our pictures and tell stories about our diving adventures.  Join the group and watch for postings for Little Cayman. (You can thank Roy Small for that! Now I cannot travel without my laptop so I can instantly review my dive day photos. I may as well post them then too!)  Hopefully they have good internet service!  

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