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Manta Divers December 2008 Shopping Guide

Greetings Divers!

            I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed lots of good food and companionship.  It is now time to turn our attention to how we can get the dive gear we have been needing and wanting for some time.  There are several methods that can be employed to this end.  It is up to you to decide which is will be the most successful for you, given who the gift givers will be.

            The first method, which I like to call “lead your horse to water,” involves you making a personal trip to the dive shop.  You browse around the store and fill out a Manta Divers wish list, including sizes, colors and price range.  Then you mention that you noticed such a great selection of diving stuff that you just love at Manta Divers. (You may even want to give your benefactors one of our business cards).  You will also mention that the friendly staff is brimming with helpful suggestions fit for every budget.  When the shopper stops in and explains their mission, we will steer them to the items you have selected.

            If your gift givers are the types who have difficulty making decisions, you may opt for the “grocery list” approach.  Just have us make a copy of the wish list and hand it to your friends.   If they can’t choose from among the things you’ve listed, they may prefer to purchase a gift certificate. 

            Now if you really have your heart set on dive gear (and who doesn’t??) and the people you exchange gifts with like to surprise you, try handing them a copy of the suggestions below and they can pick from that.  If you own much of your own gear yourself, perusing this list and highlighting our favorites may help ensure you don’t end up with a singing fish or another Elvis Christmas CD!

Gifts under $10 Gifts Under $20 Gifts Under $40
Console strap Fish Flips fish ID cards Toiletry Kit
Ear Dry Manta Divers T-shirt Microfiber Towel
Sea Drops defog Travel Wallet Inflatable Signal Tube
Sea Gold defog Padded Regulator Bag Snorkel Fins
Sea Buff slate cleaner Mesh Snorkeling bag Diver Gear Care Kit
Neoprene Mask Strap Dry Box Console Retractor
Scuba tank keyring Swim Goggles Snorkel Vest
fin keyring Scuba Tank O-ring Kit Dive Sandals
Shark bottle opener keyring   Heavy Duty Mesh Bag
    Regulator Back Pack
    Rash Guard
  Gifts Under $100 Mini Flashlight
  HI Intensity UW Light Better snorkel
Gifts Under $60 Select Dive Fins Dive Sandals
Dive Alert Auditory signal Deluxe Ocean Back Pack Fish ID books
Pistol grip night dive light Clearance 3mm wetsuit  
Impulse III Snorkel    
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Gifts $200-$400  
Lycra Dive Skin Dive Gear travel bags  
Rash Guard Clearance BC's  
  Clearance 7mm wetsuits  
  Selected Regulators  
  Selected Dive computers  

In Other News…

Don’t forget to check out the clearance sales!  Wetsuits, BC’s, fins!  We are also selling rental BC’s and regulators so we can upgrade our rental gear to the improved Titan LX regulator.


Now is the perfect time to take a scuba review to get ready for your upcoming vacation. Brush up on the tables, gear set up and of course your buoyancy.  Look like a pro!  Check for class schedule on the calendar.


Sign up for Manta Divers’ April trip to Cozumel.  This is proving to be a popular get away, so don’t be left (literally) in the cold!

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