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Welcome to Manta Divers' first Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to Manta Divers' first newsletter! It was a big rush to get everything ready for our grand opening on December 3rd, but the fun is just beginning.

Ten adventurous souls are starting their journey into the underwater world of the Open Water Scuba Diver January 2nd. All of you already ceritified divers know what great experiences await these ten! It is such a great feeling for Mike and I to see new scuba divers' confidence increase with each new skill they master, and then the excitement of completing their open water dives. The best thing though is hearing from former students after they return from each dive trip they take because we know their education did not end when they completed their open water dives with us. Their learning starts with every new dive experience they have.

We hope to organize some local dive experiences this summer, so if you have suggestions, we would love to hear them. Advanced open water classes will start in April. You can send an e-mail to lisa@mantadiveshop.com.

Tip of the Month

Many of us are planning to escape this Wisconsin weather and get wet somewhere warm, but the planning of these excursions does not begin and end with plane and hotel reservations.

January is a good time to get your regulator and BC serviced. As you know, annual full service or at least cleaning and check up are recommended by most regulator manufacturers. This equipment keeps you alive under the water, so it is a good idea to have it in peak condition for your trip. If you don't already own one, a regulator bag is an inexpensive way to protect your most expensive piece of diving equipment. We have a large selection of bags at the shop. BC's should be checked for leaks and wear. If you don't own a BC yet, or want to upgrade,w e are giving $40-$50 off selected BC's through January.

Did You Know?

The only training Lloyd Bridges had prior to the start of the filming of his "Sea Hunt" television series was a quick lesson in a pool. Just think, that was the first Discover Scuba class!

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