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Manta Divers June 2007--Local Diving

Greetings Divers!

            Well, it seems that summer is finally thinking about making an appearance in our fair state.  That means it’s time to break out the 7mm suits and make some dates for local diving.

            We were just out at one of my favorite freshwater spots, Pearl Lake in South Beloit, IL, lastbuddys2_400 Saturday.  We had a father and daughter team working on their open water certification, and four other certified divers just out for fun and experience.   I was the only one who "whimped" out and used a drysuit.  Everyone else had on 7mm wetsuits, hoods, gloves, etc.  The water was 59F at the coolest I recorded, but the intrepid wetsuit divers all said they were plenty warm.  In spite of a prediction of rain and clouds, we were treated to a sunny, 79F day, with only a brief sun shower.   I thought the visibility, at about 15ft, was pretty good.

            We really have some nice local spots for diving. As with any skill, the more we practice, the better (and safer) we become, so get out there and dive!  Check out the calendar for local excursions.  Certified divers are always welcome to tag along when we do certification dives with students.   

                                                                                             It is already shaping up top be a very busy summer for Manta Divers’ instruction staff, so if you are ready to complete your open water dives for certification, now is the time to make a date for your dives.  Advanced open water students and those of you who are experienced enough can join Team Manta on June 30 for a two tank Lake Michigan dive.  We are diving the Lady Elgin (55ft,) and (likely) the Seabird (30ft.).

Dive Trip News.... allemandkusterssouthard2_400


Remember, Team Manta is heading to Curacao Jan 12- 19, 2008 to enjoy a week of fabulous diving and island exploring. (There are only four spots left.)  Over Easter, Team Manta will go completely native on the island of Grand Turk.  You will experience the true Caribbean lifestyle on this unspoiled paradise.  An added bonus is that the trip happens to be in the middle of humpback whale migration.  Wouldn’t you just love to get a close up view of these ocean behemoths? $100 holds your spot on either of these trips.

 By popular demand, another Rescue Diver Class is scheduled for August. Classroom sessions will be the week of the 13th , (days to be determined) and the pool sessions August 19 and 26.  Open water sessions will be determined per student and instructor schedules.  You must have at least 20 logged dives, and have a current Emergency First response and CPR certification.  EFR certification is available through Manta Divers.

            Are you already a Rescue Diver? Are you ready to go Pro? Divemaster classes are forming now.  Stop in the shop to get your crew pack and schedule.

Isn’t it about time you owned your own equipment?   Aqualung can help!  For a limited time, you can get a free octopus with an Aqualung regulator purchase.  You can get a free Air Source with the purchase of a Seaquest BCD.  If you have been thinking about the new i3 BCD, you know that the Air Source doesn’t go with it, but you still get in on the special!  Aqualung is offering a free ABS octo with an i3 purchase.  Your set up will still be streamlined with your octo securely tucked into the patented “octo pocket”.

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