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Manta Divers April 2007

Hey Fellow Divers!

I was going to wait until I returned from the shop’s Cayman Brac adventure, but I have some really great news that cannot wait! 

prd_abs_octopusFirst, I am so excited to announce that Aqualung is once again running their BREATHE FREE promotion.  If you haven’t purchased your own regulator setup yet, now is the time.  As you know, usually the only time you can get a regulator at a marked down price is if it is a discontinued item, but with the Breathe Free promo, you can get a new Aqualung Legend, Titan, Calypso, Kronos or Apeks regulator and get the corresponding Octopus for free!  This can mean a savings of up to $250! 

            A new addition to this year’s promotion, if you buy a new Sea Quest BCD, you can get a FREE Air Source II.  The Air Source combines a top-of-the-line power inflator with an easy breathing backup regulator.  This eliminates the need to carry an additional octopus regulator and reduces the number of hoses attached to your first stage.

            These offers start April 1 (no fooling!) and end July 31, so don’t procrastinate.  Do some local diving with your own equipment and breathe free!

            Speaking of free stuff, Aqualung is also offering a freebie for students.  If you are enrolled in a class and buy Aqualung fins and a Mythos, Kea or Tyke mask, you get our best selling snorkel, the Impulse 3, for free!  That’s a $49 savings!  This is a great way to get started in diving with some great equipment that will serve you through many years of diving.prd_impulse3_flex

            I guess I’m like all other dive travel addicts and I am already thinking about the next trip before I’m back from this one. That brings me to the second thing I could not wait to “leak out”.   Manta Divers is organizing a trip in January 2008 to Curacao.  Curacao is one of the ABC islands of the Netherlands Antilles and is out of the hurricane belt, so no worries about the weather.  January is a time that all of us in the Midwest could use a respite from the gloom to renew ourselves in the sunshine and saltwater.  Then, in March 2008, over Easter, we are going to look at whale sharks in Utila, Honduras.  This will be at an all inclusive resort with three dives a day!  Details will be available next month, so start thinking about joining Manta Divers on a new adventure for 2008.

Just a Reminder:

  The shop is closed for diving April 6 through April 13.  Stop in on the 14th and I’ll tell you all about the Brac.

proqd_i3Coming soon to Manta Divers…

 The new i3BCD with the latest innovation in BC inflation technology!  Check it out at www.aqualung.com, then stop into the shop to see it in person!

Great News! 

By popular demand, Manta Divers is expanding its hours.   Starting April 16, we will be open 4-7pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11-7pm Tuesday and Thursday, and 11-6 Saturdays.

Ready to take the next step?? Become a rescue diver!  If you have a current CPR certification and have logged at least 20 dives, you are qualified to take the next step toward becoming a PADI professional.  Rescue Diver class starts as soon as you get your crew pack and start reading.  The next knowledge review and testing session for rescue diver is Saturday May 19 at 2pm. Check the calendar for pool and open water dates.

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