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Manta Divers March 2007: Camera News

As announced last month, Manta Divers is now a Sea and Sea camera and underwater housing dealer.  Sea and Sea offers many options for underwater photographers, both new and experienced.  On our recent trip to Bonaire, I was able to try out the DX860G digital and was quite impressed.

The camera is a compact 31/2 x 21/4 in. with a generous 2 x 1 5/8in. screen.  The housing is compact as well making it quite easy to pack in a carry-on.  I had a dedicated camera bag for my old set dx860gup; an Olympus 4140, an Ikelite housing with strobe and arm. Even with careful packing, by the time I had the camera, housing, strobe and accessories stowed, there was barely room for my sunglasses let alone anything else. Using the same camera bag, I was able to pack my DX860G, the underwater housing, Sea Arm, strobe, and accessories, plus my sunglasses, reading glasses, travel documents, and my paperback, with room to spare.  An added bonus was that even with the addition of my other travel “essentials,” the bag weighed less than it did with my old set up. 

Using the camera’s several white balance settings and digital photo software, it is possible to correct most pictures for color, a particular challenge with underwater photography.  When taking underwater photos, it is always best to be as close as possible to your subject.  This allows your strobe to reach that subject and give full spectrum illumination, producing a more natural looking photo.  Including a diver in the picture adds interest and size perspective.

I find underwater photography a fun hobby that not only adds a fresh challenge to any dive, but allows me to relive my dive vacations for months while I tweak my photos and over an over as I share them with friends.  Here are few favorites....lb_pic_0230a_400










In Other News…..

Manta Divers now offers on site scuba and paintball tank inspection and recertification (hydro test), which means faster service for our customers. Now is a good time to check the hydro date on your tanks.  Remember that scuba tanks need recertification every 5 years, and fiber wrapped paintball tanks need recertification every 3 years.

Stop thinking about Advanced Open Water Class!  Sign up today and start your independent study.  Give us a call to schedule your adventure dives!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will be closed for our Cayman Brac dive trip from Friday, April 6, through Friday April 13.  Stop in on the 14, though and hear all about it.  I’ll have pictures and a trip report in the newsletter late April. 

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