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Manta Divers January Newsletter---Getting ready for dive travel

Greetings Fellow divers and here’s to much great diving in 2007!  Well the Christmas rush is over and we’re all busy cleaning up after the baking, parties and wrapping!  When you get a chance to catch your breath, though, take a moment to think about what’s really important: your next dive trip.

            When was the last time you had your regulator serviced?  Even if you haven’t dived very much since the last time you had it serviced, your regulator’s O-rings and inner workings may still need some attention.  Remember, this is the thing that keeps you alive underwater!  Don’t forget your BCD needs maintenance, too!  If you didn’t do this after your last dive trip, now is a good time to thoroughly clean the inside of your BCD with a BCD cleaner.  Follow the instructions on the bottle and be sure to rinse with plain water to remove all cleaner residue.  Try to recall if you had any particular troubles with your inflator.  If so, have your dive shop repair person look it over for you.

            Winter can be a great time to brush up your scuba skills in a Scuba Tune-up class. Face it! You’re itching to put on your gear and feel that weightless freedom only diving gives you.  As an added bonus, Scuba Tune-up will give you more confidence when you get to your dive destination. (and who couldn’t use a brush up on those dive tables?)  The pool environment is the perfect place to reacquaint you with those hard earned buoyancy skills without worrying about holding back the group or touching the coral.

            It may be time to upgrade to a dive computer or get a new BCD.  If your gear is many years old,prd_suunto_mosquito you will be amazed at the innovations that have developed in the dive equipment.  Maybe you should treat yourself to a new pair of fins or replace those booties with the holes in them.  If you are thinking about trying a night dive for the first time, you will want a good flashlight.  If you don’t already own a flashlight, they are really handy even when diving during the day.

            What do you pack your gear in?  Will it keep your gear safe from the baggage handlers?  Are all the zippers intact?  Is it light weight and within the airlines’ size limits?  Many carriers, especially if your final destination is a small island, only allow one 55lb. checked bag per person.  If you think you’ll just make up the difference with your carry on, be aware that carriers are getting much stricter with the size (typically 45 linear inches) and weight (sometimes as little as 15lbs.) limits.  The shop has many styles of dive bags and regulator carry on bags.  Aqualung’s bags even have a life time warranty.

            To get yourself ready for your next dive excursion, ask yourself, “Is my gear ready?  Is my luggage ready?  Am I ready?”  If you can answer yes to all three questions, then you are set for a great worry-free adventure.

companion_frontIn other news…..

In the interest of getting our customer’s gear to their favorite destinations all in one piece, we are offering 10% off all dive and regulator bags.  This is the new Aqualung backpack style regulator bag that will make a great carry-on.

This Just in...

 Manta Divers is now a Sea and Sea dealer!  Come in and check out our new 850G digital camera and housing.  You will be amazed at how tiny it is, even in the housing!

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