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Manta Divers Gift Giving Guide for December '06

Greetings Divers, You who Love Divers and You who Aspire to be Divers!

            I am breaking with tradition a little by publishing my newsletter a little early, but with Christmas music playing in the stores since October, I figure I had better get on the stick!  Are you tired of giving the same old stuff and need some fresh ideas?  Are you ready to get something other than aftershave, a sweater, or a game?  Well, there are plenty of gift ideas for everyone and every budget!

            For the budget minded shopper, a scuba tank key ring, a mini gear retractor, a Dry Pak Waterproof wallet, or a tank banger signaling device are great gifts that not only fit into a Christmas stocking, but are priced below $10!  If you want something a little bigger in size, but still small price-wise, try a gear hanger, some BDC shampoo, or a diver cap?  For under $30 you can get that difficult to shop for person a Manta Divers’ T-shirt, an underwater camera, or a super absorbent, but oh-so compact Microfiber Towel.  We feature a nice selection of dive related jewelry for men and women in the $10-$20 range.  Is someone you know taking a Caribbean cruise?  Why not get them some TSA approved locks, some snorkeling fins or a small mesh gear bag?  Diver’s flashlights are necessarily very bright, and are great not only for night diving, but many tradesmen find them the perfect tool to shed some light in tight places.  Quality flashlights range in price from $15 to $100. 

            A diver who travels a lot can always use a gear bag, dive sandals, a “save a dive” kit, a safety noodle, or a regulator bag, all still in the $30- $50 range.  A fish ID book is always a hit, especially with the newly certified.  For the directionally challenged, a wrist compass or, better, a slate with a compass on it is perfect!  If you’ve had you gear for some time, it may be time to upgrade your gear and take advantage of some of the newest innovations in dive accessories, such as new super stretch neoprene suits, ultra clear masks, or a dive computer.  If your partner has been wasting money renting gear for a while now, maybe it is time to invest in a regulator or BCD.      

            Finally, continuing education classes, such as Advanced Open Water, Wreck Diver, or Enriched Air Diver, are ways to keep you or your buddy safer.  Classes beyond the open water level not only increase a diver’s knowledge, but they keep the diver practiced in their diving, resulting in sharper technique and increased confidence. If you’re still stumped with so many choices, remember that a gift certificate fits all!


In Other News…………

So by now you must know what to get that diver in your life, but what about you?  Manta Divers is ready to help.  All you need to do is stop in and fill out a Manta Divers wish list with all of your suggestions for yourself and your sizes and colors and then let your friends know! 

This Just In!

            Stop by and check out the new and improved Latitude XLT BCD.  Chock full of great Aqualungprd_latitude_xlt_01 innovations such as “SureLock” integrated weight pockets and the clever Octo pocke, it is a great entry level BCD that will serve any diver for years to come!  While here, try on the newest addition to the Atomic’s mask line, the Subframe ARC mask.  This cutting edge mask fits most like a glove and features a lens with anti-reflective coating that allows more light to enter the mask while decreasing light reflection off the front and back side of the lens.  This mask is really a must for night diving, limited visibility conditions or underwater photographers.

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