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Team Manta March, 2017

Greetings Divers!

The shop may be closed, but Team Manta still dives!  We have morphed into a dive and travel organizer. Below is our schedule for the summer. I have rooms reserved for the 2+ day trips, but if you want one of them, you must call me ASAP to reserve. I’m working on accommodations for Ohio and Butternut, but I need to know how many people are coming, so let me know as soon as you decide if you are interested in either of those trips.

For those of you who missed the Ohio trip last time, we are going to the Toledo area and diving their two most popular quarries, Gilboa and White Star.  They both have many items of interest down under to explore.  White star has several “tours” set up that divers can navigate. (This will be of special interest to those who do the Nav Challenge and want to further test their skills.) We will likely caravan out there.

Lake Wazee is a former taconite quarry in Black River Fall, WI. The water is generally quite clear and boasts a really neat underwater forest that is fun to swim through. There is camping nearby, for those who are into that sort of thing.

Butternut Lake is one of my personal favorites, nestled in the forested beauty of Hiles, WI. The water is quite clear and there are no purposely placed things to dive on, so everything we see is a new discovery. I am looking at a cottage to rent or something like that, but I need to know who is planning to come in the next month or so.

Rescue Diver class, May 20 for EFR and Rescue Diver manual review, In water exercises, June 24-25 at Pearl Lake.

May 20, 10AM EFR $75 plus materials, followed by Rescue Diver knowledge development Contact Scott “Tater” Duban sduban@wi.rr.com for details. In water portion of the Rescue class will be June 24-25.

June 4 Team Manta’s Nav Challenge $30, includes T-shirt Pearl Lake, 8am Prior registration is required if you want to get the T-shirt.

June 10 &11 Haigh Quarry*

     * I have 5 rooms reserved at Comfort Inn, will place names on in a first come, first serve fashion.

June 24 & 25 Pearl Lake Rescue Diver* Register for this course with Scott. If you are only interested in diving for fun, that is fine, too.

    *Have 5 rooms reserved at the Garden Inn. Will place names on the reservation in a first come first serve fashion

 July 1 Pearl Lake

July 29-30 Haigh Quarry*

    *Have 5 rooms reserved at the Magnuson, will place names on room in first come first serve fashion

August 11,12,13,14 ROAD TRIP! Ohio, to White Star and Gilboa quarries

August 25, 26, 27 Butternut Lake, Hiles, WI

September 1,2,3,4 Lake Wazee, Black River Falls*

      *Have 5 rooms reserved at the AmericInn , again, first come first serve.


Note that All of these outings are at your own risk, and no longer a function of Manta Divers, Inc. You are responsible for your own equipment, tanks, weights, etc. 


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