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Manta Diver's November 2006,Back From Cancun

              Happy November Everyone!  Summer seems like a dream after so many sunless days!  If you’ve been monitoring the shop’s web calendar, you know we just returned from a quickie trip to Cancun.  It was sunny and in the 90’s every day! There is nothing like sun and warm ocean water to elevate one’s mood.

We took a direct flight from Chicago, weathering the tightened “code orange” security.  It is a good idea to nlpicalways check the airport’s web site for security updates, as I learned when I didn’t have my liquids in the required quart sized ziplock bag.  In addition, the split key ring on my dive computer apparently looks like something that would be on a knife, and that got me a hand inspection of my bag.  Well, better safe than sorry!   Upon arrival in Cancun, I noticed they have toned down the usual assault of tourists by taxi drivers scrapping for a fare. We hired a cab with enough room for all eight of us and all of our dive gear for $72.  You can get a cheaper ride, but you will have to wait until the entire vehicle is full, and then make numerous stops on the way to your hotel.

We stayed at the Radisson Hacienda, which is situated between the marina we dive from and the downtown area, sort of on the edge of old Cancun.  The hotel was clean and had a nice pool, no beach, though.  My only complaint was that we and to check out four rooms to find one with a functioning room safe.  I like to be able to lock up my passport and money while I am diving.  We breakfasted at the hotel for convenience, but ate elsewhere for other meals, as the food at the Raddison was so-so.

pericosnl_400We enjoyed a very tasty and entertaining meal at Perico’s, a place I always like to visit while in Cancun.  We also dined at Mike’s favorite, Farola’s Argentinian Grill, a place quite sedate in comparison to Perico’s, but one that offers delicious food at a very reasonable price.         

We hooked up with our friends at Nautilus Divers, across from Casa Maya, by the biggest Mexican flag in the country.  Our goal was to get a little ocean experience for two divers we certified this summer, and finish the open water dives for two other students.  We had great dives.  Our group was lucky to see two super male parrotfish, and four nurse sharks, as well as goldentail and spotted eels, southern rays, schools of barracuda, and many more Caribbean denizens. With temperatures between 81 and 84 degrees, the water in Mexico was a welcome warm up from the cold Wisconsin waters we’ve been diving all summer!  Accustomed only to local lake diving, certified divers, Lisa Koenes and Andrew Plebanek couldn’t get over the terrific visibility of the Caribbean, as well as the abundance and variety of fish.  Students Connor Naeve and Bill Koenes did a great job on all of their underwater skills, but realized quickly they used much less air once they were certified and could simply enjoy the dive!  Congratulations, guys! 



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Watch the calendar for exciting trip news for Easter week!

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