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anta Divers, December, 2016 Gift Giving

Greetings Divers!

    I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have successfully navigated the chaos of Black Friday.  Now it is time to think about getting something for the diver in your life, or get your own scuba wish list together. The obvious items for the new diver are BC, regulator, computer and wetsuit, and we are making deals on those items to make them more affordable than ever.  However, if the diver already has those, there are still plenty of other scuba gear to make their holiday wishes come true.

For the stocking, I would suggest a tank light to help your buddy keep track of you on night dives. Scuba Pro has a nice compact one that sells for a mere $10.  Another idea would be a Mini Q40 underwater flashlight.  It is really bright enough for night diving, but so compact, divers bring it on all their dives to help them find creatures hiding in shadows and under shelves.  For the diver who suffers jaw fatigue, a Seacure moldable mouthpiece is a great gift. The diver can customize the bite, much like a football player’s mouth guard is molded.

Gear hangers are another great idea.  Divers need specialized, super sturdy hangers to dry their gear. At the shop, we have hangers for BC’s, wetsuits, and boots, gloves and regulators. For drysuit owners, I would Stahlsacstrongly suggest a “Hang Dry” hanger with a built in fan to ensure that the interior of the suit is completely dry between dives. There is nothing worse than moldy, funky drysuit boots!

If there is a scuba trip in the near future, think about scuba luggage.  Yes, you can continue to make do with regular luggage for your adventure, but there is something to be said about a piece that is specially designed with the diver in mind.  Manta Divers staff can explain the different features and help to steer you to the best choice for your needs. We have a good selection of options, including checkable bags, mesh bags for toting gear to and from the boat, and dry bags to keep your phone or other items dry while on your dives.

What about a backup dive computer? This gives added safety in the event of failure, but also will allow the diver to keep diving instead of having to stay on dry land to “gas off” until it is safe to dive again.  We have several nice, wristwatch sized models to choose from. Speaking of backups, a backup mask, particularly a prescription mask, can be a trip saver. Just bring in your prescription and pick out a mask and we will do the rest!

Don’t forget about the gift of education! If you are keeping an eye on our calendar, you know that we are having a fun night dive at the Rec Plex January 29.  This was something new last year and is back by popular demand. It will be a fun dive with games followed by a pizza party at the shop!  We are also holding another one of our popular buoyancy clinics February 11 and 12. This course is fun for new and seasoned divers. Gift certificates are available for these events as well as other courses like Advanced Open Water and Nitrox diver, to name a few.

Finally, remember that, for the undecided, gift certificates are available in any amount!

In Other News………..

Congratulations Ronen Bordoloi and Jason Patt, new Enriched Air divers!

Don't miss our fun Night Dive, Jan. 29. $50 includes the dive, tank and pizza afterwards.  Spots are limited, so sign up soon!

Want to improve your buoyancy? Join Manta Divers' Buoyancy Clinic! Learn techniques for better descents and ascents, hone in your weight, and just have soime underwater fun! The classroom session (optional) is Feb. 11, 1PM, and the pool session is Feb. 12 at noon.

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