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Manta Divers November, 2016 Winter Fun


Greetings Divers!

As many of you know, Mike had major surgery on his back in September. I am happy to report that after a long summer of him out of commission and in excruciating pain, he is on the mend! Our thanks go out to Dr. Thomas Perlewitz and the great staff at Midwest Orthopedic Hospital.  Now that we’ve got Mook up and about again, it is time to get back to business at the shop and figuring out how I am going to get everyone through the long winter!

If you check the calendar page of the website, you will see our open water courses scheduled out through June. In addition, we are again offering monthly Try Scuba sessions, so if you are trying to build your own dive team, and recruits are a little hesitant, have them try diving in the safe, clear water of the Rec Plex pool. Once they see how easy and fun diving is, they will be anxious to get into a full Open Water course! Winter Open Water classes are perfect for those who would prefer to dive in open water that is warmer and clearer than our local lakes and quarries.  Students can complete the classroom and pool portion of the course here and then take a referral to a dive instructor in some tropical location.

For certified and nearly certified divers, we again have a winter buoyancy clinic on the books for February 11 and 12.  The buoyancy clinic is great for anyone who would like to really dial in their weighting, improve their air consumption, and even get better underwater photos. It is also a good way to re-familiarize divers with gear they have not used in a couple of months. This makes a perfect Christmas gift for the diver in your life.  Finally, it can just be an excuse to get wet!

Finally, why not try a night dive? Where, you ask? At the Rec Plex, of course! WE did this last year and it was a blast.  We get the pool to ourselves after dark and experience what it is like to dive in low visibility.  We, of course, have some fun games and activities to keep things interesting.  Afterwards, we can come back to the shop to wash out and eat some pizza. Who wouldn’t want to find this in their Christmas stocking?? A fun night! Mark your calendar for January 29.  Prior registration is required.

In other news………….

Upcoming continuing education classes:

Enriched Air class: November 19 at 1PM. Extend your bottom times with Enriched Air! Be sure to pick up your crew pack beforehand.

Night Dive:  January 29, starting at 5PM. We will be in the pool until 7PM, then it is off to the shop for wash out and pizza! (Ok, this is not really a class, but, who knows, you may learn something anyway)

Buoyancy Clinic: Classroom (optional) session, February 11 at 1PM, Pool session, February 12 at Noon. This course is open to certified divers and divers who have completed the classroom and pool portions of their open water course.

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