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Manta Divers, June, 2016 Let's Learn Stuff!

Greetings Divers!

 Well, the dive trailer is out of storage and ready for action! Thankfully, the weather is starting to warm up, so we can all look forward to the summer days of diving stretching in from of us. Sunday, you will find Team Manta at Pearl Lake for our season kick off, so time to think about what new things can be learned this summer.

For any newly certified divers, Advanced Open Water is a no-brainer.  This course gives a diver five more dives with his instructor, each dive exploring a new type of diving.  At the end of the course, the diver will be a fairly good navigator and will have at least one deep dive logged.  The other three dives will add to the diver’s confidence, skill and experience.

Depending on what adventure dives were done in Advanced Open Water, it may only take 2 dives to complete the corresponding specialty certification. For example, if you did a boat dive as one of your adventure dives, then you only need one more boat dive to complete that specialty.  If a night dive was one of the adventure dives, then the 2 dives needed for the night diver specialty could be completed in one night.

If you and your buddy enjoy exploring public lakes rather than diver amusement parks (think Haigh or Pearl), then Search and Recovery may be your ticket.  When exploring lakes, one never knows what will be found: old outboards, snowmobiles, cars, fishing tackle, etc. In the Search and Recovery course, the diver expands on the navigation skills learned in Advanced Open Water.  Once the navigation is solid, it is time for “fun with lift bags.” This means fun stuff like learning to tie knots and the delicate art of lifting underwater objects without losing control as they are brought to the surface.

For divers with a bit more experience who want to really challenge themselves, Rescue Diver is my recommendation.  This course starts with the student earning Emergency First Aid certification, a life skill that will serve in and out of the water.  Then, in the classroom, many diving accident scenarios are explored and skills are practiced. All this preparation culminates in a weekend of open water skill development and practice with realistic scenarios, requiring the student to respond to whatever situation presents itself.

There are many other possibilities, but whatever you chose, you are guaranteed some neat challenges, a bunch of laughs and lots of new skills.  In addition, the skills, such as buoyancy and dive logistics that you learned in your open water course will be improved in the process.  I hope you will join us for Team Manta Adventures this summer, and hopefully you choose to push your personal envelope a bit in the process.

In Other News……….

Work more diving into your summer! Check out our calendar page and pencil us in.  Be sure to call the shop and let us know you are going to join us, though, especially if you are going to St Ignace or on some of the long weekend trips.

There are a couple of spots left on the Lake Michigan Charter on July 16.  We live by this great lake, why not see what interesting things can be found below the surface?

Our fun Project Aware dive at Lake Lulu with the Nature Conservancy folks is July 9.  We will spend the day diving, exploring and picking invasive Eurasian milfoil.  We will have a potluck lunch, so bring a dish to pass.

Remember that our road trip this year will take us to St. Ignace in the U.P., July 21-24.  If you are checking things off your bucket list, then here is your chance to dive in both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron!  Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up ahead of time.




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