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Manta Divers, March, 2016 Dive, Dive, Dive!

Greetings Divers!

Dive, dive, dive!

Team Manta just returned from a great drift diving trip in Grenada and are readying for our Belize adventure.  Don’t despair if you were not able to join us because we will have plenty of fun diving locally this summer.  The only question is, “Where do you want to go?” You will have a chance to put in your 2 cents worth as to our destinations at our planning meeting here at the shop, March 19 at 5PM. Local diving is way to continue developing your skills and to challenge yourself with cold water, less than ideal visibility, and planning logistics of varying dive locations.  Many divers get stuck in a rut of only diving one particular destination, but limiting one’s self to only one type of diving really limits development as a diver. Join us this summer and dive, dive, dive!

In Other News........... 

As mentioned, Team Manta just returned from a wonderful week in Grenada.  After more recent trips to Cozumel to do drift diving, I had forgotten that drift diving can actually be relaxing and unrushed. In Grenada, there was just enough current so divers hardly had to fin except to steer.  If you want more details, Read "Going with the Flow" or go to the “Trip Report” page on our website.  I’ll be posting a video soon, as well. To see that, watch our Facebook page.

Speaking of Trip Reports, we love to hear about dive trips our customers take.  Case in point, Team Manta member Annette Balestreri and her son shared their impressions of several dive in Florida’s Emerald Coast.  Click: Emerald Coast Diving by Annette B.to read more.  Thanks for sharing, Annette!

Team Manta will be flying out again soon (March 26-April 2), this time to Belize! This trip will hopefully include a visit to Belize’s signature dive, the Blue Hole. Call the shop before you stop out and make sure we are open.  Our hours during that week will be variable.

Join us for Drysuit Day at the shop March 19, 11-6PM.  We will have several types of Bare drysuits available for inspection.  In addition to terrific pricing, any suits sold on the 19th will include the drysuit specialty course, a $119 value.

Don’t forget to get your deposit in for Curacao, 2017.  Check the TEAM MANTA TROPICAL TRAVELS page for details.

Congratulations to New Advanced Open Water Diver, Mike (Murman) Nurmi, and Deep Diving Specialist, Justin (Baby Face) Packan.




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