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Manta Divers February, 2016 Reactivate

Greetings Divers!

 It seems that in most people’s lives, there are hobbies and activities that are enjoyable and consume much disposable income and spare time. As we age, though, we go from happy-go-lucky youth to married with career and children.  Those enjoyable pastimes are shelved in favor of other priorities. Here at the shop, we have had a real influx of divers wishing to reactivate.  It is really nice to meet people who were divers “back in the day,” but who have not given up the dream.

As any diver knows, scuba is not like riding a bike, where a mistake will only result in a scraped knee or a bruised ego.  The risks are greater with diving. That is why it is very important that inactive divers refresh their knowledge and skills before getting in the water after a long dry spell. However, busy people, especially if they already sat through a scuba class once, do not want to commit several of their free evenings for school.  PADI’s answer to this dilemma is the Reactive program. 

With Reactivate, the diver can brush up on scuba knowledge on a tablet, mobile device or computer. The review can take place completely at the convenience and the desired pace of the diver. After the knowledge review is complete, the diver contacts her favorite dive shop and arranges for the in pool skills review. In the pool, the instructor will help reacquaint the diver with equipment and the skills needed to safely dive again.

Best of all, once the knowledge review is complete and the skills are refreshed, the diver gets a new C-Card that notes the Reactivate date. This is valuable because dive operators like to see that their clients are up to date with their skills. In addition, it is a chance to update your card’s photo and get rid of the one with your 80’s bangs or mullet!

For some people, the Reactivate program is a path to reclaim the fun carefree pastime that they loved years ago. For others, it is a way to brush up their own skills while their children or spouse are discovering scuba for the first time, allowing the diver to share the wonders of this planet’s water with the family. In any case, once reactivated, my hope is that the diver commits to remaining active in scuba in the future.


In Other News.............

Need more dive buddies? Encourage a friend to Try Scuba at the Rec Plex February 14 at noon.  Prior registration is required.

Plan to get your two cents in at our Summer Planning Meeting March 19 at 5PM. Bring your research and pitch your trip! We will set up the calendar for local diving as well as our annual road trip.

It's time to order your DRYSUIT so it is here and your are ready to dive when the season starts! Need more infomation? Join us for Dysuit Day, March 19, starting at 11AM. We will have several fine Bare drysuits on display to touch and feel, not only that, we'll be offering our best pricing. Sales of new drysuits include the drysuit specialty course, a $119 value.

Don't forget to get  in your deposit for Team Manta's Curacao Adventure, January 14-21, 2017. Check our Tropical Adventures page for details.

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