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Manta Divers, 2016 Dive Resolution

Greetings Divers!

 I hope your holiday celebrations were epic and that “log 50 dives this summer” is at the top of you resolution list! Lucky for you, Manta Divers is here to help you achieve that goal!

Some divers need some sort of a “goal” to get them out there diving.  In other words, they need to feel as though they’ve accomplished something at the end of the time spent diving.  For those folks, signing up for Advanced Open Water, a diving specialty, or the Rescue Diver course would be a good start. Advanced Open Water and the specialty courses are the least “classroom intensive” allowing the lion’s share of the course to be done at the dive site and under the water.  Rescue Diver, a course open to divers over 18yrs and at least Advanced Open Water certified, is a bit more demanding.  There is at least one classroom session and then a couple of days of intense training and practice with realistic scenarios. Most successful Rescue Diver candidates remark that the course really pushed them out of their comfort zone, but that they felt well prepared to aid not only distressed divers, but accident victims and those stricken by sudden illnesses.

Some divers, while surfing the web, come across a particular destination or two and would like to dive it, but are hesitant to do it by themselves.  One way to overcome this Mermet Springs with Manta Diversis to join us at the shop when we have our summer planning meeting. (This year’s planning meeting is March 19 at 5pm.) At his gathering, divers bring ideas for road trips, dive charters to their favorite wrecks, or simply make sure that events are scheduled when they are off work, or can ask for time off. In past years, we have gone to Ohio, Mermet Springs, the Upper Peninsula, to name a few. The planning group can suggest (and promote) their favorite activity and are the first to get the schedule into their calendars. It also ensures you will have a dive buddy!

Most of our divers just like to have a day or two out with friends to dive, share a meal and have some laughs.  A dive weekend is a great way to decompress after a long, stressful work week. Besides, fun dives are logged just like course dives!

Once your summer dives are planned, it is time to take a look at your gear and make sure it is fit to dive in once the ice is gone.  Bring it to the shop for service and avoid the rush later on, and maybe try on your wetsuit to make sure it didn’t “shrink” over the winter.  For divers that are new, it is a good time to start looking into purchasing your own equipment.  Manta Divers is continuously turning over their rental equipment, so a new diver can easily get set up with gear that has a known track record of maintenance and has been taken care of by professionals! New gear is, of course many divers’ preference and since Manta Divers is now a dealer for Suunto, there are many options for gear configurations and price points.

Logging 50 dives this summer is a good goal and completely attainable with a little planning. Start by reserving March 19 on your calendar for planning Manta Diver’s 2016 summer tour. In the meantime, do some research and discover what local (ish) dive destinations interest you.  Then share your ideas with us!

Happy Diving!

In Other News………..

In case you didn’t read the whole newsletter, mark March 19 at 5pm in your calendar for Manta Diver’s summer planning meeting. Bring your suggestions and some snacks.  It will be fun!

Are you trying to turn a friend into a dive buddy?  Have them sign up for the Try Scuba at the Rec Plex.  The next sessions are scheduled for January 24 at noon and February 14 at noon. During this low pressure experience they will be able to try the gear and learn a few scuba skills in the safe confines of the Rec Plex pool.

There is still a spot for a single female on our Fiji trip in 2017.  Check out the details on the “Tropical Adventures” page of the website.

We are now taking deposits for a dive trip to Curacao, Jan 14-21, 2017.  The trip includes a week at Lion’s Dive resort, including breakfast daily, 5-2tank boat dives and an upgrade to a day trip to dive the mushroom forest. These trips fill up quickly, so get your deposit in soon!


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