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Manta Divers March, 2015 Talking Scuba with Kids

Greetings from Mook!

What? More snow and cold?  How have we angered the weather gods? I am so looking forward to leaving next month for our week on the Caribbean Explorer. We are flying into St. Martin where the temperature seems to always be in the 80s.  That’s only 72 degrees warmer that it was as I am writing this newsletter.  It can’t come soon enough for me.

trying scuba gearRecently, I was invited to Frank and Roosevelt Elementary schools to talk to 2nd and 3rd grade students about traveling the world and diving. The teachers wanted me to show the kids were Kenosha was in the world in relationship to where we have traveled.  Lisa helped me out by putting together a great power point presentation with maps, pictures and videos.  It was a fun outing and really an education for me.

The power point started by showing Wisconsin, then the U.S., then North America, then the world.  Most of these young ones never gave much thought to Kenosha as a place in a much bigger world.  For example, the kids who had made trips up north in the summer were surprised that the 6 hour drive only took them a half inch on the world map. I went on to talk about the fact that 70% of the world is water and some of it is fresh and some of it saltwater.  I talked about the places we dive. It was fun to explain what a quarry was and why were there school busses and airplanes on the bottom. They all loved Therese Rutkowski’s picture of the paddle fish.

Lisa included comparisons of freshwater to ocean fish. Not surprisingly, they loved the pictures of the turtles, octopus and squids.  I even brought a kid-sized gear set up with a plastic tank so a volunteer could be outfitted as a scuba diver.

After the presentation the top 5 questions were,  have you ever seen a shark, how deep have you gone,  have you ever seen a blue gill, do all quarry’s have school busses and how old were you when you started diving. (I must look pretty old to little kids)  It is always a thrill to share diving with little kids. I guess they liked it too, because I am working on answering 22 follow up questions!


Frank school kids

In Other News………….

Emergency First Response course is scheduled for March 21 at 11am.  If you earned your Rescue Diver or Divemaster certification more than 2 years ago, it is time to renew your EFR.  A clear advantage for all busy people, this course will be completed in one day. This course is open to anyone, diver or not, who would like to be able to do more than just stand by when accidents and medical emergencies occur.

Once you get through the EFR course, why not go for Rescue Diver?  This is a challenging, but truly fun course that will leave you more confident as a diver and rescuer.  Academic sessions will be April 30 and May 1 at 6pm in the classroom, open water skills practice and scenario evaluations will be scheduled at the time of the classroom sessions, so be sure to bring your calendars.

If you were unable to make the January Buoyancy Clinic, I still have 2 spots left in the March 22 session.  This course is for anyone who wants to improve their air consumption, decrease diving effort and learn to be more relaxed underwater.  It is also a favorite of photographers who want to practice hovering while holding a camera.  It’s fun, too! Spots are reserved when the course fee is received.

Where do you want to dive this summer?  Join us at the shop Saturday, March 28 at 4pm for our Summer Planning Meeting? Come and share ideas for dive events and get our calendar filled in for the summer.  This is your chance to make sure that we are going where you want to go when you have time off.  We are also vetting ideas for a road trip and some lake charters.



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