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Manta Divers, September, 2014 What's New?

Greetings Divers!

Well, time has really gotten away from me and I have been off my monthly newsletter schedule, but isn’t that what always happens during summer? Just because we have been diving our brains out does not mean nothing is going on at the shop. We have many exciting things happening.

First of all, we spiffed up the paint and our sign outside of the shop. In addition, we are in the process of remodeling the office and the repair area. Hopefully, this will remove the necessity of battling Mike for use of my computer! We are also modernizing the classroom with new media and computers. These are all exciting changes!

We have also gotten a few new products into the shop. I’ve been asked for it many times, so we are now carrying Suit Juice. This is the stuff triathletes like to spray on their skin to allow the wetsuit to slide on easily. Divers can use this stuff, too, but we’ll all miss the fun of seeing each other do the wetsuit wiggle!

We also now offer Scuba diver tags. These are metal tags that can be personalized to include your name,Scuba Diver Tags certification numbers, DAN ID number, emergency contact, etc. So often on trips, all divers hang their gear in a common drying room and it is easy to grab the wrong stuff. With your personalized tag on your gear, it will be easily identified. In addition, if in the unlikely event that you need DAN’s assistance, or you have an emergency, caregivers will know who to call.

You’ve really got to check out the new Atomic blade fin! You know we love our Atomic split fins, but these new blades are sharp! The Atomic blade fin had many engineering features that give divers lots of power and control underwater. http://youtu.be/TaoOLYW6Els

We hope you will stop in soon to check out the new Manta Divers! Sign up for a dive while you are in. There are precious few weeks of the season left!

In Other News……………

Congratulations to new Open Water Divers, Douglas Januszewski, Sara and Ralph Nudi and Jeremy Rattle, Dan and Jon Spencer, Ed and Preston Roe, Amy Oliva, Branden Langford, Amy, Robert and Bennett Majerowski and new Rescue Divers, Ken Welch and Mitch Januszewski. Be sure to call and schedule your open water dives and advanced open water adventure dives before it is too late.We will be down an instructor in September, so scheduling will be tight!

The End (of the locale dive season) is nigh and that means that fine, well cared for rental gear is being sold to good homes. Stop in to see what bargains you can find.

Finally, thanks for all the speedy recovery wishes for my shoulder replacement surgery.  I hope to start PT next week, so now the real work begins!  I have a goal, though.  Mike and I are planning to take a side excursion while in Las Vegas for DEMA, the huge dive industry convention, and dive Lake Mead with our boys. I'll keep you posted!

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