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FAQs - Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba diving gear is what makes scuba diving possible. A diver needs to know all about scuba diving gear and understand how it works in order to feel confident underwater. Part of scuba diving certification training will be devoted to learning all about scuba diving gear, how to assemble it and how to use it safely and responsibly. Unfortunately, many scuba diving certification courses do not spend much time explaining how the gear works and most importantly how to choose the right scuba diving gear. That is not the case with divers certified with Manta Divers in Kenosha, WI. We spend time during your diving classes discussing the different features of diving equipment as well as their proper maintenance and care.  However,this guide will help you get an idea of some of the scuba diving gear you'll be using in your scuba class.

Of course rental of all the gear you will need to get your open water diver certification with Manta Divers, Kenosha, WI is included in your class fee, but may want to, minimally, invest in your own mask, fins, booties and snorkel for the class.


After diving for a while a scuba diver might want to pick up some of the other scuba diving gear for personal use. Most commonly the next item a diver will buy is their own wet suit. Wet suits come in many styles, shapes, thicknesses and sizes. It is nice to have your own wet suit to avoid the worry of renting one. You can get one which fits nicely and gives you both warmth and freedom of movement.

A novice diver might also be attracted to owning other gear such as:

Beyond the basic scuba diving equipment scuba gear comes in thousands of styles, there are gadgets galore and advanced gear such as integrated weight systems (BCD and weights combined) and rebreathers (which recycle your exhaled breath back into the scuba system). If you have money to spend and scuba diving is your hobby you will never run out of gear to acquire.

Lastly, there are the scuba tanks. Scuba divers - unless they are radically devoted - will not own their own tanks. It is always easiest to rent them from a dive shop where they will be inspected, maintained, tested and pre-filled. Sometimes scuba enthusiasts will invest in a "pony tank", which is a smaller, spare tank often equipped with its own regulator and gauges. If you are going to buy your own tanks there are things you must know before you make your purchase.

Dive safely!

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