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FAQs - Scuba Diving Certification

Training and certification is essential for scuba divers. Carrying a PADI scuba certification card shows you have been properly trained dive safely and responsibly. A full-service dive shop will require you to show your scuba certification card before arranging a chartered diving excursion.  Some shops also require that divers prove that they have been actively diving in order to join them on a trip.  Divers may be required to show their log books and their most resent dives, or participate in a PADI scuba review class.  It's because they should be concerned for your safety, but also because on any dive in a group, large or small, adding adangerous and can easily ruin the experience for everyone.

Dive shops also require a certification before they will rent you any equipment. Scuba equipment can be damaged if it isn't used and handled properly, and it is in their best interest to make sure you return the equipment in good condition.

It has often been said that getting a scuba certification is harder than getting a library card, but easier than getting a driver's license. This is a very fair assessment. A scuba certification is not free or easy; you are required to prove that you know how to use the equipment, handle yourself underwater and know how to react in a wide range of underwater situations. This may seem like a daunting task, but with proper guidence and coaching, most everyone can get certified.

The most popular scuba certification course today is the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver certification because PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most widely recognized and respected diving certification in the world.

Within a few days, you can be enjoying the underwater world. The PADI program is generally considered to be ideal for vacationers who just want to take a few supervised dives on a tropical vacation.

After completing the basic beginner level of scuba training, PADI offers further training to full Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications, all the way to PADI Dive Instructor!

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