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Atomic Aquatics Scuba Gear, Kenosha, WI and Northern Illinois

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Atomic Atomic Atomic
The world's first titanium regulator
Masks and Snorkels
Split Fins

T2 - This is the Rolls Royce of regs; the best performing regulator on the market.  Lightweight for traveling. comes with padded reg. bag.

The Subframe is a mask so sturdy that it has a lifetime warranty against frame breakage. This mask features Ultra clear lenses for the best vision! Compared to conventional fins, the SplitFin swims with less effort, stress and strain, resulting in greater sustained speed, power and comfort.
NEW!! ST1 Stainless steel first stage is the right choice for the environment, swivel on second stage and 5 LP ports! The Frameless with its large lens and close fitting skirt work in harmony to create perhaps the widest viewing angle of any frameless mask design. Independent testing has shown that this design significantly decreases air consumption. This fin is available in adjustable or full foot styles.

B2 Most comfortable second stage with swivel, offers a variety of face cover colors, and 5 LP ports

The Frameless Medium Fit has the same great features as the original frameless,but a fit for smaller faces!
Try them with Atomics' spring strap for quick and easy donning and doffing!
M1 Monel parts are used internally in the first stage for its high strength; corrosion resistance and oxygen compatibility.
SV1 snorkel Every snorkel model in the SV Series utilizes the Scupper Valve on the bottom mouthpiece section.
Z2 Compact and economical, the Z2 still carries the performance features and innovations that define Atomic Aquatics products!
SV2 has the patented scupper valve plus a semidry top!
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