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How is the Open Water Diver Class Run?

The PADI Open water diver class is divided into 3 parts, classroom, pool sessions and open water check out dives.  At Manta Divers, we take advantage of the many ways this can be accomplished, in order to tailor the class to the student's schedule and learning style. 

If you have a hectic schedule, travel a lot, or learn best in the comfort of your own home, e-learning is a good option.  Just click the e-learning icon on the Manta Divers home page and you will be directed to the PADI e-learning module.  You will have access to an on line manual and learn the material through reading and interactive on line presentations.  You can visit the shop at any time while you complete your online learning to ask questions or try out gear prior to your pool sessions. 

Classroom If you prefer a traditional learning setting, you can come to Manta Divers' multimedia classroom and go through the book with a group.  We usually have 3 to 4 classroom sessions. In the classroom (or e-classroom) you will learn the parts and function of the different pieces of diving gear, how to choose gear that is best for you, diving theory,  and how to dive safely in the different diving environments you may experience. You will even gear a tank on the first night!  The classroom sessions are designed to be informal and fun.  We will move through the material as fast or as slow as you want.  Through your classroom work and the DVD you will view at home, you will be well prepared for you pool sessions.

Whether you learn on line or in the classroom, your next step is to head to a pool and learn diving techniques.  There are two pool sessions, lasting 3 hrs.each.  In special cases, the pool work may be completed in one marathon session, although we so not feel this is the best option.  In the pool, you will take your first breath underwater, and learn diving techniques.  Each skill will be taught in a logical progression to assure thorough understanding, with each skill built upon the previous one.  Individual help is available for any student needing it.  After each pool session, you will return to the shop to participate in after dive gear care.  By the end of the pool sessions, you will have a thorough knowledge of how to operate all of your diving gear, maintain good buoyancy at the surface and underwater, flood and clear your mask, perform important self and buddy rescue maneuvers, and in general have the confidence to move on to the open water to complete your certification.

There are four required open water check out dives that must be completed over at least two days.  You will schedule those with your Carolinedive instructor.  On each dive, you will be asked to demonstrate a few of the techniques you learned in the pool, then you will log those dives in your dive log book and your instructor will sign it.  After your fourth dive, you will be officially certified to dive!! Your instructor will take a picture of you and complete your paperwork to send to PADI for your dive card.

After all this fun, you are ready to explore the underwater world!!  It is important to remember that even though you have completed your open water diving class, you are not an expert diver, but you have earned the privilege to go out with a buddy and practice your skills!  We recommend that in order to really hone your skills, you try to dive often, perhaps making a commitment to take one week-long dive trip per year, or join Manta Divers on the weekend trips and dive charters locally during the summer. Then start thinking about getting your Advanced Open water certification!

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